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Hospice Appeal Day – 16th May 2014

In May this year The Otago Community Hospice was well served by many of the Freemasons’ Lodges in the Dunedin area and, as usual, members of Lodge St. Patrick were out in force, collecting and assisting in any way they could. Two of our members even ran an all- day ‘Sausage Sizzle’, didn’t poison anyone, and raised $500 NZ dollars (...and their wives can never get them to cook at home!). Approximately $38,000 was raised during the one-day event, but the Hospice is always desperate for funds and always requires our help. This year the Otago Hospice Appeal Days are on Friday, 16th May 2014. So, please, if you can spare just an hour of your time to be a collector, it will be so greatly appreciated. If not, then please give generously to the collector – the Hospice deserves your support. You never know, one day YOU might need theirs!

But surely I can’t help, can I?

The members of Lodge St. Patrick can vouch safe that the Mission Statement of the Hospice holds true. Due to the worldwide financial downturn donations have been less than in previous years and so, in 2013, the Hospice needs your help more than ever. If you are unable to give a donation, please give up just a couple of hours of your time and volunteer to assist, or collect for, this outstanding organisation during their next appeal. The Hospice will really appreciate your help. You can contact them on (03) 473 6005 or e-mail: raewyn@otagohospice.co.nz

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