- In Memoriam -

---- 2015 ----

Fallen Bro

Michael Andrew Chagger
16 February 1960 – 30 August 2015

Michael Chagger was known to all as ‘Mick’ and Mick was a sobriquet in which he revelled – because that was his sense of humour. Mick could (and would) engage anyone in conversation, and make them feel, not merely at ease, but as though one had known him for ever…....

---- 2014 ----

Graham John Knapman

W.Bro. Graham John Knapman
9 April 1934 – 18 January 2014

It is with great regret that we must report on the death of W.Bro. Graham Knapman, who sadly passed to the Grand Lodge Above on 18 January 2014....

Gordon Baines

Rt.W.Bro. James Gordon Baines
24 October 1928 - 13 August 2014

Oppressive, battleship grey clouds ponderously plodded over the cheerless, cold morning that dawned in Dunedin on Wednesday, 13th August....

---- 2013 ----

Lindsay Dempster

W.Bro. Lindsay Dempster
16 December 1939 – 12 August 2013

W.Bro. Lindsay Dempster was a long-time member, and Past Master of, Lodge Otago Kilwinning No. 417 S.C. So why does a man from a Lodge in the Scottish Constitution appear in the 'In Memoriam' section on a...

---- 2012 ----

gifford brown

W.Bro. E. W. Gifford Brown
21st August 1932 - 29th April 2012

There are few men who could live up to such a tribute, yet one who could comfortably exist within such strict boundaries of justness and uprightness was a member of Lodge St. Patrick, and his Lodge was proud of him....

Rod Beattie

V.Wor.Bro. R. Beattie
1930 - 19 July 2012

A lively character with a forthright manner, Rod was not averse to speaking his mind when he considered there was a need; his respected opinions being delivered with a commanding deep Scottish brogue....

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